Demonstration Application Form

The Demonstration Application Form has a number of restrictions compared to an actual live Application Form. These restrictions are listed below.


As the local authority and schools are entirely fictitious and the data entered for applicants and their children will normally be fictitious it is not possible to produce an entirely real scenario for the demonstration. The following lists the restrictions of which you should be aware:

  • The link to the local authority’s web site will not take you to a real local authority page. Similarly, the link to the local authority’s Privacy Policy will not take you to a real local authority page.
  • The demonstration system does not connect to the live Eligibility Checking Service but, instead, to a dummy system provided by the Department for Education for system testing. The results generated by this dummy system (whether an applicant is found to be eligible or not found) will be entirely random and will not, therefore, reflect the situation which would pertain in a real situation.
  • The links from schools to their respective Edubase entries will not work with the fictitious schools. (The actual live system uses the real URNs of schools to link to Edubase.)