Are you eligible for 15 hours of free childcare per week?

Please note, you will need to make a new application for each child but your information will be remembered to help you to complete multiple applications quickly.

If you have applied previously and require your funding reference code, please call 01296 387000.

You may apply on behalf of a parent/carer if you have permission to do so and have their relevant details.

New application

The table below details when you can apply for and if eligible, when your child can start accessing their free place.

Children that turn 2 between: Can check eligibility from: Free place starts from:
1st January - 31st March 1st January Summer term (from 1st April)
1st April - 31st August 1st April Autumn term (from 1st September)
1st September- 31st December 1st September Spring term (from 1st January)

PLEASE NOTE, you will only receive a confirmation email if you enter your email address under the Parent/Carer section on this application. If you do not hold an email address or do not wish to provide this information then you should either print or take a photo of the final screen that contains your reference number, as you will need to present this to your chosen childcare provider.

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Previous application

Use this button if you have a reference number and wish to continue with this (check eligibility status, un-apply, re-apply). You will need your application reference and your date of birth.